Heat Sink

Heat SinkNytex thermal conductive polymer offers electric insulating thermal conductive properties with UL-RTI certification. This material performs high productivity, easily processed, flame retardant and outstanding thermal conducting characteristics. It could be applied in various industries such as LED indoor and outdoor lighting、heat sink of surveillance camera、IT products、battery holder、automobile work light and IC heat dissipation solution.

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Product Images Application Specifications Characteristics Grade
LED Indoor Lighting LED Indoor Lighting
  • Nylon
  • RTI Electrical Insulative Thermal Conductive
  • White Color
  • Electric Insulative Grade
  • Thermal Conductive
  • RTI Certification
KF-0030N-311WT Metric English KF-0030N-313WT Metric English
Heat Sink of Surveillance Camera、IT products Heat Sink of Surveillance Camera, IT products
  • Nylon
  • Electrical Insulative Thermal Conductive
  • Black Color
  • Electric Conductive
  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • UL 94 V0
CM-5000 Metric English
Automotive worklights Automotive worklights
  • PET
  • High Stiffness thermal conductive grade
  • UL-94 HB
  • Black Color
  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • High Stiffness
TG-0035B-1 Metric English

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Plastic Heat Sink

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Heat Sink

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