Motorcycle Glove Box

Motorcycle Glove BoxNytex is continually transforming and improving itself to evolve with the evolution of the global economy. We are proud of being part of this transformation and have become one of the largest Nylon compounders to supply technologically advances and price competitive materials to our partners in Asia Pacific as well as North America.

We have been an effective supplier into industries such as, electronics, computers, automotives, sporting goods, power tools, office furniture and many more.


Product Images Application Specifications Characteristics Grade
Motorcycle Glove Box Motorcycle Glove Box
  • PP
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced
  • Black Color
  • High Flowability
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Dimensional Stability
PG-0220B Metric English

thermal conductive plastic

Plastic Heat Sink

Led Heat Sink

Heat Sink

high temperature materials

high temperature plastic

high performance materials

high performance polymers

high temperature nylon

high heat resistance

high temperature

high rigidity9.high flow

low moisture absorption

low water absorption

low warpage

halogen-free flame retardant

non-halogen flame retardant

high modulus


Biodegradable Materials

Biodegradable Plastics


Green Plastics



nylon 66

nylon 6





pa6 pa66

pa66 30 gf

pa66 30